Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hungry Girls

Earlier today I gave my girls a bowl of popcorn as a snack and after they finished it they wanted some more treat as they would say, I refused to give them more since they just had a whole bowl all to themselves, well after a little while I was talking on the phone and I went into the other room so I could hear and when I came back into the living room my girls had gotten their own cup of yogurt and their own spoons and were sitting at their little table eating it with no mess at all! A said to me "Mommy I was hungry, I was hungry." It was so cute and they were sharing with C and I just couldn't be mad. my little girls are getting so big everyday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't care what you say I have the most amazing hubby!

My hubby gave me the most amazing gift for Valentines! I got a wedding band! I have been wanting one for so long and I started awhile back looking for one, I guess he got the hint and surprised me on Valentines with an amazing wedding band, I LOVE IT! I love how he knows me so well and the thought and care he puts in to get me what he knows I will love! Thank you honey for being my husband and I am so grateful for all the things you do for me and our family! XOXOX

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look what I found!

While I was at the DI last time I was in Utah, I found this awesome book! It has all the stories I loved as a kid and that I wanted to get for my children. Stories like Where the Wild things are, Goodnight Moon, Dr. Seuss and tons of others! This truly is a treasury! My girls are constantly wanting this book to be read to them, I love that they have a passion for stories and I am so glad I hunted enough to find this treasure!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Raising twins is like raising one child with two bodies, they have the same thoughts and actions. Sometimes I don't see the individual person that is one of my little girls. My oldest A is so beautiful, she is my girly girl, she always has to be dressed up and looking pretty life a princess, she is my helper whenever I need one and she helps her little sisters, she really is such a big girl and I miss that sometimes with all the everyday craziness that happens.
I love you A with all of my heart and I am so grateful to be your mommy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am in the mood to create!

I needed some decorations for my twins room, I saw something similar at Heartland Paper Co. I thought it was a cute idea to use flashcards and pictures of our cute family. So I put this together, it took me a little while, but I think it turned out kinda cute and my girls already love it.
I also saw this on tatertots and jello and I loved it and I needed a new table covering until spring when I can refinish my table, when the weather is warmer. I am loving burlap and I love the texture of it so this was perfect!