Monday, November 8, 2010

 OK I think this is my favorite picture of my Chloe.
 My sis took it a few days ago and I absolutely LOVE it!
Thanks Britt (or Dave)  for being so there at the right time in the right place, else I wouldn't have this amazing picture!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am going to do it this year!

I have been starting to think about season that is coming and the all the things I want to do, and there is one thing I always want to do but always wait till the last minute and it never gets done. What is it...
I have always wanted a cute Christmas card with a great family picture on it.
I love having lots of Christmas cards to display and look at during Christmas!
I have used shutterfly before for Christmas gifts and this year they have the cutest cards, I am getting a head start on getting these out this year. Here are some of my favorites!

 I love the vintage look of this one and it is in one of my favorite colors!

 I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

 And also love the colors of this one!
And the simplicity of this one! 

 If you need a some cute Christmas cards I highly recommend Shutterfly! And even if you already have your Christmas cards ordered they do all sorts of cards like thank you cards and stationary. Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail!  They are great quality cards and the membership is free to sign up! They also have free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Great deals and cute products! Go here to check them out!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Every time I see one of these wreaths I totally drool! I love them and I every time I think, "I can totally do that!" so finally I sat down and whipped it out. It was so much easier then I was thinking it would be and I LOVE it!  Sometimes I gotta thank goodness for my girls destruction, otherwise I would have had to tear out book pages myself.

Elizabeth Kartchner is one of my inspiration idols! I love everything she creates, she is so talented and I am so glad she shares with the rest of us mortals. She has this wall in her home so of course I wanted one just like it in mine too.

This is my little version of what she did and I am really liking it, most of the time it takes me forever to decide to put up on the wall, or I put something up and then end up taking it down and rearranging it a million times.
(Those of you who know my know this is true! )
I will keep adding to it, so it will be just as fabulous as Dear Lizzy. Until then I am so happy with it.