Monday, December 31, 2012

We headed to Utah for Christmas this year, we stayed with hubby's parents because his brother came in from Portland for the holidays and we got to spend some time with them and our cute nephew. The last time we saw him he was just born. He has gotten so big and cute.


The girls got some new jammies on Christmas Eve and I swear sometimes they are 16 they pose now for pictures!

Christmas morning with the Pecks

And Christmas Day with the Beechers, Ash invited us over to her cute house for lunch, everyone was able to come even my brothers kids, I didn't get a good picture of everyone, but it was a fun time. My mom even had some creative ways to give us her gifts. Ash went on a treasure hunt and Bri and I had to figure out how to get ours out of the middle of a block of ice. haha


 Cute little Kyson has a love of fleece and when Aniston put on her jammies he just crawled right on top of her to snuggle, he stayed there for awhile.  Cute boy!

 We got the girls mp3 players with headphones and this is how she came out of her room one day. Sparkly shoes, new pants and her undershirt. Blasting her music and dancing when she thought no one was looking. Such a munchkin!

Oh wow it has been awhile, well instead of getting overwhelmed I will just start from last week.

We celebrated Chloe's 4th birthday. It seems like she has been 4 forever, but it was a fun day and the family got together for a little party.