Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Every time I see one of these wreaths I totally drool! I love them and I every time I think, "I can totally do that!" so finally I sat down and whipped it out. It was so much easier then I was thinking it would be and I LOVE it!  Sometimes I gotta thank goodness for my girls destruction, otherwise I would have had to tear out book pages myself.

Elizabeth Kartchner is one of my inspiration idols! I love everything she creates, she is so talented and I am so glad she shares with the rest of us mortals. She has this wall in her home so of course I wanted one just like it in mine too.

This is my little version of what she did and I am really liking it, most of the time it takes me forever to decide to put up on the wall, or I put something up and then end up taking it down and rearranging it a million times.
(Those of you who know my know this is true! )
I will keep adding to it, so it will be just as fabulous as Dear Lizzy. Until then I am so happy with it.

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