Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Having Cancer

I am way behind in keeping up this blog. I am sure all of you know I have been diagnosed with melanoma. For the past three weeks I have been recovering from the surgery to remove the cancer. So I have been kind of loopy from the medicine, but they got it all!!! I was so excited! I am now cancer free and have such relief that I will be okay. I really think all the prayers and fasting for me, helped the situation, I am so grateful to be so loved! My ankle is healing, slowly but surely. It looks like I have huge shark bite out of my foot, but I can deal with that. My hubby has been so wonderful, looking after the girls when I am not able to. He does it so well and with a smile on his face, most of the time! LOL

The same day we found out that I am cancer free, DH got a new job! It will be great to have a income again and it is such a great job.

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