Monday, August 30, 2010

My camera charger is missing and I have no clue where it is, so until I replace it, I thought I would blog about a little day trip my family and I took, that I do have pictures of.
Back before the weather was warm, we took the girls to go see Martins Cove. I have been before but it had been soooo long, and DH has never been , so we thought we would just drive 3 hours out of our way to go see this monument dedicated to our some of our pioneer ancestors.

It was a very cold day and super windy, but we did it and they girls thought it was sort of cool, DH really liked it and even found an ancestor of his listed as one of the first rescue party.
Bless the missionary couples there, because they took our girls into the little theater, to watch a documentary about the Willey Handcart Company( I was thinking ya right, good luck with that), so DH and I could walk around the museum, without saying "don't touch that!" every five seconds! Surprisingly the girls did well watching the movie, all that got destroyed was a box of tissues. (Did I mention they were in there all alone?) So pretty good considering they had no clue what they were supposed to be watching.

The missionary couple even took us up the road to see the entrance into the cove, (So Cool!) We didn't go all the way in, because of the weather, but it did give us a little (I mean minuscule) insight into what the pioneers must have been going through!

We also stopped at Independence Rock, but it was blowing really good then, so just DH got out and hiked to go see it. He got some great pics of the names in the rock and when the weather is better we plan to go again to hike up on top with the kids. That should go over pretty well. We'll see...

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