Saturday, October 9, 2010

For our family night activity this week (dh was actually home!) , we got a haunted house kit from the store to decorate together. We got it out of the box and it was broken, so dh fixed it!

This is his fix it face! LOL

The girls were so patient while we tried to get it all back together.

The LOVED to put the frosting on the house!

And all the candy bats!

C just loved all the frosting...

So did A...
As you can tell!

This is our Peck masterpiece all put together and decorated, pretty scary huh!

And of course dh had to get the picture of the back of the house, he was so proud! :)


  1. At least while he was fixing it there was no screwdriver up his nose :) It turned out way cute!!!

  2. How fun! We miss you guys! Love you!

  3. It looks very spooky! Thanks for the craft I totally love mine!