Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello World!

Our computer crashed a month ago and we just got it back today!
I sort of felt like my right arm got cut off! LOL
It was a long time, but I have a had a fun time with my hubby and girls.

Thanksgiving was so yummy~ Dinner with the Pecks, desert with the Beecher's and leftovers with the Fletcher's. Felt so lucky to have so much family!

The holidays were a blast, we stayed home for Christmas and loved watching our girls wake up Christmas morning! The Sunday after, Grammy and Papa came up to our house and we opened more presents, skyped with Brian's brothers and had a yummy dinner and my first attempt at making a trifle (totally by scratch! It was interesting) Then went to Utah the next week to visit my parents! Missed being there for Christmas morning with all my sibs.

Me and the girls got SUPER sick with pink eye and the full on FLU! Horrible week! But we are finally better!  

I got called to be a YW secretary in our ward, so excited to be apart of the Young Woman program, I already love all those girls!

This is an update for our family for the last month or so. 
Because of the 5 degree weather here I am getting pretty creative in keeping my kids entertained! 
LOL pics to come!

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