Sunday, September 18, 2011

This past week Bri and I got away for a  little bit.
We went to Portland to go see our new nephew!
He is freakin adorable and I would have taken him home if his parents would have let me.
I think I may have held him the whole time.
My mother watched our kids, so we could go and I am so grateful!!!(Thanks so much mom!!!)

We had a such a good time. Here are just a few pics of what we did.

We drove to Mt. Helens where they filmed the first twilight.
We thought it would be cool.

This is bella's house

And the bookstore she visited

This is the alley where those guys were following her

And the parking lot where Edward rescued her.

We also drove to Astoria and went inside the film museum.

They had these film sets set up and bri got into it.

And then we visited the column, it was like 200 stairs up, but very cool. My calves are still sore!

The view from the top

This is the goonies house! Bri was super excited!

And or SUPER cute nephew!!

and I had a little fun with this picture.

It was very relaxing and so great to see our brother and sister and their new baby.
We love you guys and will come see you again!


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  2. How fun!!! I am glad that the two of you were able to get away...for a bit!!! You need that. I love the last picture...where his hand is saying I Love You!!! He is such a cutey!!! I am so jealous you got to go see him. :-D I Love You Guys!!!

  3. Oh my gosh....that baby is adorable!! And look AMAZING in all your pics!! Hot MAMA!