Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun in Wyoming and Fun at the Zoo

Last Monday night we spent our family night with some friends on top of white mountain. We roasted smores and the girls road on a little motorcycle and took turns on the four wheeler (which they LOVED!)

Last Thursday we also took the girls to the Hogle Zoo!

This is the first time C has gone to the zoo!

They are looking at the monkeys!
(Sorry for all the pics of the back of their heads!)

If you have been to the zoo then you know that this elephant makes some funny noises! LOL that explains the faces they are making!

Can you tell that C looks like her daddy?

Trying to get a look at the skunk!
k was a little cautious about getting a drink! I have this same pic of me when I was a little girl!
C loves her corn dog

On the train
C HATED this!

Waiting for sister to come down the slide

I love that we are able to share in these precious moments of our beautiful daughters! Love you babies!

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