Monday, May 17, 2010

I am so sorry these are a little late in coming, our computer broke so it took awhile to get these on here!

This is our amazing trip my hunny and I went on! The pictures are a little out of order so start at the bottom and then come up.

We had a day in Florida after the cruise, so we rented a car and since Brian won some money in bingo we decided to upgrade to a Mustang convertible. We drove to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens. Needless to say DH REALLY REALLY wants one! (Like that is going to happen :)

If you have done a Carnival cruise you know about these! So cute!

This was my view almost the whole time on the island! Don't make fun of my pastie skin! LOL

The day we were in the Bahamas, it was windy and cloudy but still nice.

This was my view, most of the time on the ship! How much better can you get!?

This is us after just getting on the ship!

There are more pics on Brian camera that I will post after this! It was so much fun and it was great just to get away just the two of us.

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