Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I took all my girls to Walmart, it was an experience,
first some crazy lady tried to run me off the isle with her cart. LOL you know who you are! 
Then we were heading to go check out and all of a sudden my twins yell out "He's hot!" and of course Chloe copies everything the twins say so she is yelling "Hot!, Hot!, Hot!"
I was so confused about what they were talking about I turned around and there in the posters was....

WHAT! Are you kidding me!
 I swear they didn't here that from me!


  1. That's funny! At least he isn't really that much older then them :)

  2. LOL!! Ya right... you taught them that!

  3. Crazy is my middle name!! And i think your house has caught a case of the Bieber Fever!!!

  4. Sure they didn't hear it from you.... :) that is too funny. Yes the Bieber Fever certainly has made its way into your house! (And way to go taking all three to Walmart Im sure thats fun every single time.)